Virginia Tech’s campus is home to two unique gyms—McComas Hall and War Memorial Hall.

By Virginia Tech student Aidan Kincaid       "For Hokies, by Hokies" Summer Academy Blog       2/7/2017


Located at the traffic circle intersection of Washington Street and West Campus Drive, McComas offers about 87,000 square feet of recreation space.

McComas’ two weight rooms feature three large free weight racks as well as a huge variety of weight machines, cable machine setups, and squat rack stations. There are also three basketball courts, a 25-yard pool, an entire upper floor for cardio machines, and two fitness studios for group exercise.

Virginia Tech Gyms

McComas shines with its available space, amount of equipment, running track, parking access, and cool air conditioning.

However, McComas can get pretty crowded at peak hours, and it’s a little out of the way for many students living on campus. This is where War Memorial Gym comes in.

McComas Gym at Virginia Tech
McComas Gym at Virginia Tech

War Memorial

War Memorial is situated on Drillfield Drive, in the middle of the residential side of campus. While there’s no parking at War, it is a quick walk from most dorms.

War memorial gym

War features a smaller facility, but its weight rooms have an open layout that makes for good Olympic lifting exercises. Though the basketball/volleyball courts are older, War has more! War also features 12 racquetball courts, two squash courts, three wallyball courts, and a gymnastics area. War’s 25-yard pool also has a 14 foot diving area. Finally, one more thing you won’t find at McComas: saunas!

War memorial gym

Both gyms have Rec Sports administration offices, equipment check-out, group exercise classes, personal trainers, ample locker storage space, and clean shower facilities. Another bonus—both are accessible by bus!

To help form the list below, a small group of gym-frequenting senior students were polled on their opinions about both campus gyms.

Virginia Tech Gyms Comparison

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