If you are thinking about intramurals at Virginia Tech, you are in good company as more than 8,700 students participated last year alone.

By Virginia Tech student Aidan Kincaid       "For Hokies, by Hokies" Summer Academy Blog       2/15/2017

Intramurals ultimate frisbee
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What do dodgeball, putt putt tournaments, sports trivia, ultimate frisbee, and T-shirt design contests all have in common? Well, in addition to the fun factor, they are all intramural activities that you can participate in at Virginia Tech.

Intramural sports are a great way to engage in friendly competition with your peers, get exercise, and meet new people. They are open to newcomers as well as experienced athletes. Anyone can sign up for an intramural membership through Recreational Sports.

For $20, you can get a full membership and participate in all team sports and singles/doubles activities. Individual/dual membership at $5 allow you to participate in only singles/doubles activities. No matter the season, intramurals is in full swing during both the fall and spring semesters. 

Virginia Tech Students playing football
Photo by Peter Means

Virginia Tech currently offers these intramural sports


Basketball: 3-on-3

Basketball: 5-on-5

Basketball Skills



Chess Tournament



Fantasy Football

Flag Football


Innertube Water Polo

Pick'em Contests

Putt Putt Tournament




Sports Trivia

T-shirt Design Contest

Table Tennis


Ultimate Frisbee


Volleyball - Sand


drillfield sports
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