Transfers, you can get a jump on your transition to Virginia Tech while earning credits in a small classroom environment. On-campus fall housing is not available for transfer students who participate in Summer Academy. 

Transfer students have a choice of three tracks. 

Tracks 21-23 are designated as transfer tracks. Tracks 21 and 22  are discipline-specific tracks, while Track 23 gives you an option to design a personalized track to meet your specific academic needs. You must enroll in no less than five credit hours; however, six credit hours are required when seeking financial aid.

If choosing course(s) not available in the described tracks below, please choose track 23 when applying.

Please consult with your advisor for appropriate courses for transfer student registration. You may enroll in appropriate courses available in the Time Table of Classes as recommended by your academic advisor. For more information, please visit the Virginia Tech Transfer Guide here.


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This track has been canceled.
TRACK 21:  Engineering*

You are introduced to the engineering profession and the College of Engineering through this track.  Upon completion of this track, you will be able to: collaborate with classmates to successfully complete a team project; effectively communicate engineering decisions through written documents and oral presentations; use data and mathematical models to understand engineering systems; and implement computer programs for engineering analysis.

You will also learn about various opportunities to pursue in your academic career, as well as explore what it means to be an engineer in a global culture and the implications of engineering solutions. 

ENGE 1215:  Engineering Foundations, 2 credits

Choose additional courses to complete this track. For advising in course selection, contact Abbey Rowe Erwin at
*This track is only available to transfer students admitted to the College of Engineering.


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Track has been canceled.
TRACK 22: Animal and Poultry Sciences

In this combination of courses, you will learn the basic concepts of physiology and anatomy of domestic animals; as well as develop an understanding of careers in the animal sciences. In addition, you will explore the connections between the agriculture that feeds us, the arts that sustain us, and the society in which we live.

ALS 2304 Physiology and Anatomy of Domestic Animals, 4 credits

APSC 3864: Animal and Poultry Sciences Survey, 2 credits
ALS 1004:  Agriculture, the Arts and Society (Area 6), 1 credit

This track is recommended for transfer students interested in careers in the animal sciences, including veterinary medicine, animal agriculture, and companion animals.  The lab course includes hands-on work with university-owned livestock and horses.  The APSC courses are required for Animal and Poultry Sciences majors and the ALS 1004 course fulfills the university’s Area 6 requirement.


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TRACK 23:  Individualized Transfer Track (I.T.T.)

In consultation with departmental academic advisors, you are provided the opportunity to design a personalized track to meet your specific academic needs. You must enroll in a minimum of six credit hours.


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